Silver Bullets


“There are no silver bullets to the problem of gun violence.”

People have been fighting for their lives for a long time and as a result, there have been multiple riots and public service activities related to gun violence in recent years. Congress has already gotten repetitive complaints, however, they chose simply not to listen to the people. It seems as if they found the silver bullet to gun violence, which is neglecting the voices of people. Gun violence, however, will continue to happen whether they want to ignore it or not.


For this reason, we want to create a special earplug box for senators who are being funded by the NRA. In the box, we have included a letter that tells them why they have been selected to receive this gift, also with our slogan - “until you take the action, the problem won’t go away” under the senator’s photo. The box will be attached with a special sensor that once someone takes out the earplug they will hear the sound of a Heartbeat Flatline. Even if they put the earplug back into the case, the sound will not stop. The only way they can stop the sound is by pressing the “yes” button to the question (eg. Are you willing to support the CSGV in implementing a law that restricts people who are hanging out with guns in public places?) which will be located behind their photo.