STANDCO Productions  –  a “company” created by Samantha Tan using her initials (“ST AND CO”). She brings together an incredible team of talented ladies to make the movie - ALLY CHIA. I am proud to become one of them to create this logo and see the motion I made at the end of the movie.

IDEA: Film roll

Make "A" as a film roll meaning that STANDCO is a production company.
Using gradient red to orange representing the enthusiasm and passion of all the female employees.
Look forward STANDCO to creating more unapologetic, female-forward projects together in the future.

Other backup ideas that I also like:

INSIGHT 01: Crown

The crown was designed by using a combination of women and the picture of a crown The Crown represents absolute power and the Women as the name states represent women. 

Therefore, this crown represents the absolute power given to women. A mission which STANDCO stands by.

INSIGHT 02: Staircase

Up until today, many feminists are still fighting to achieve the ultimate goal of ‘gender equality’. However, in order to achieve this many problems are still needed to be changed.

The moving staircase logo was designed to show that up until now there have been many practical steps made that have helped to achieve gender equality at a reasonable pace.